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Ending Street Activities

In April of last year, for safety reasons we suspended our street activities in a move that I thought would be permanent. But, people within our organization wanted to continue it with increased safety measures. So, we started up again.

However, once again, we are running into situations where the risk is proving to be just too great to have our limited volunteer pool out there facing individuals who carry weapons and illegal drugs and are of a mind to do harm to others.

For this reason, all of our street activities have been discontinued permanently. From now on our focus will be on providing goods to the homeless through our donations to shelters etc. and, on providing warm hats and mittens for children.

You can help in this endeavor by donating cash or items that we list on the Our Needs page on our website at

Thank you for helping us and God Bless.

Merle Burke, President & Founder Shepherd's Way

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