What a year 2020 was! In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, we managed to stay in business and accomplish our mission. We did suspend our street ministries for five months for safety reasons. But, we kept operating our partner’s program supplying homeless shelters with food, water, hygiene items, and clothing. In July, we reopened our street ministries and by early fall, we were back at it full time helping homeless camps with a variety of humanitarian assistance.

Our SW Street Lunch, Water For The Thirsty, and Help With Basics ministries provided food, water and personal hygiene kits to hundreds of homeless people and, our Clothing and Footwear Ministry provided carload after carload of new and lightly-used seasonal clothing and footwear items to people in need. It was wonderful to see other organization and concerned citizens answer the call to help Manchester’s homeless street people. We appreciated their efforts as we worked side by side with them to help others. As we discovered several years ago, ministries such as ours are desperately needed in the homeless communities.

We got tremendous support from people who offered In-kind donations of clothing and footwear and, these contributions made Clothing and Footwear our strongest and most popular street ministry. The response that we got from our clothing drives was so great that in January of 2020 we shared large quantities of our inventories with other homeless assistance programs in Manchester; Harmony Home, Webster House, Liberty House, and New Life Home to name a few.

Getting In-kind donations for our street ministries wasn’t a problem for us in 2020. However, as in prior years we were challenged in 2020 in our efforts to raise the cash to meet our budgetary needs. This situation was made more difficult due to the pandemic.

We set a goal for 2020 to get a building and to start a life coaching and human services program. We thought that we had a solid arrangement with a church to use one of their vacant buildings but, unfortunately the arrangement never materialized.

In 2021, if we meet our fundraising goals we’d like to expand our ministries and programs to others areas of New Hampshire. We shall continue looking for a building for our business operations and an outreach ministry where we can start offering life skills training and human services.

If you would like a copy of our Annual Report for 2020, give us a call or send your request via email or USPS. You can find our telephone number, email and USPS addresses on our website on the Contact Page.
To all of you who helped Shepherd’s Way to accomplish its mission in 2020, on behalf of our Board of Directors I want to thank you for your contributions and support. Our mission was to help as many people as possible in 2020 and, thanks to our mission was accomplished.

Merle Burke, Founder and President
Shepherd’s Way, Inc.