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On the morning of December 2, Shepherd’s Way volunteers went to visit their homeless friends at a camp in Manchester, NH. They discovered that it had been hit by a flash flood in the middle of the night. A wall of water 4 feet high came rushing over the area where dozens of people were either sleeping in sleeping bags or under blankets. Miraculously everyone survived. But, many of their ‘homes’ were either washed away or destroyed.

Fortunately, our volunteers had warm, dry clothes and food and other items to hand out. That’s because people answered our calls for help. But, with COVID and with homelessness increasing, we are really struggling to keep up.

We are doing God’s work. Every day we help homeless souls that are out in the cold struggling to survive. But, we cannot do it without the generosity of others. More than ever, we need cash donations right now and donations of physical goods. Won’t you please take the time to look at our donate page and our needs page and check out the many ways that people can contribute to our worthy mission? No donation is too small and, whatever you give would be graciously accepted and deeply appreciated.

Thank you and, may God Bless You.

Merle Burke, President & Founder
Shepherd’s Way, Inc.

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