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We had a busy month. We found some homeless encampments and delivered hundreds of useful items to them. In-kind donations (food, water, clothing, and hygiene items) kept Shepherd’s Way going in August and, we have many people to thank for their generosity.

It is challenging to go out and try to find and assist homeless people and, it is not always safe. There are numerous communicable diseases that are spread throughout the homeless population through a lack of proper hygiene and substance abuse and, of course, there is the threat of the corona virus. We appreciate your prayers as we take on the tough assignments that we face.

Right now, we are gearing up for the cold months and trying to get winter coats, gloves, hats blankets, and footwear. Imagine living in the woods or having to walk around the streets of a city in the freezing cold not properly dressed. If you have any slightly-used clothes for the cold weather months, we greatly appreciate your donations.

Finally, it is incredibly difficult to do what we do while operating on a shoe-string. We don’t take government money because of the strings attached to it. We rely solely on In-kind donations and donations of cash and, no amount that people or businesses give to us is too small.

Whatever you could do to help us would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and, God Bless…

Merle Burke, President
Shepherd’s Way, Inc.