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December has been a very active month for Shepherd’s Way. We participated in Harmony Home’s Christmas Party for the homeless and underprivileged in Manchester and, it was a huge success. We collected dozens of items for our Clothing and Footwear Program and, as usual, we were out on the streets and at encampments handing out blankets to the homeless.

Over the past few months, we lost a few of our friends to addiction and to some of life’s cruelest living conditions. Imagine what it is like living under a tarp in the woods in the snow, cold, hungry and sick. It is the reality of many of our homeless friends this time of year.

We do whatever we can to help and, people are very grateful for our ministries. They tell us how they feel the love of Jesus whenever we come to see them. That has made what we do so very worthwhile.

We received quite a few donations of hats and coats this month and, when we saw people standing in the cold with no winter clothing, we gave out whatever we had to give.

Were it not for the generous financial and in-kind donations that we received this year especially during this challenging month of December, we would not have been able to operate our ministries. Your contributions made a huge difference and, we thank you for your support.

Merle Burke, President
Shepherd’s Way