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The City of Manchester does not have enough shelters for its homeless population. That has been an issue for a long time and, it really needs to be resolved.

From what I hear the Salvation Army might open up a temporary shelter in its gymnasium on Cedar Street. That would be a blessing for those who are out on the streets in the cold with no place to go to keep warm.

We are always looking for homeless people to help, especially those who have no place to shelter. We often go through the parks handing out gloves, scarfs, hats, coats, socks, and blankets. That’s in addition to the healthy snacks, water and hygiene items that we deliver.

There is an encampment of homeless people who live near the railroad tracks that run through the city. We visit them often and try to help them as best we can. Some have tents to stay in, while others sleep under tarps or plastic garbage bags. We’ve been told that the railroad company has asked the police to remove this encampment effective November 19th. With no shelters to go to and no place to camp out, what are these poor souls supposed to do?

No one wants them on their property. When they set up camp on someone’s property they are often charged with trespassing. They try to get under cover in parking garages and, they are chased out by the police.

We are talking about human beings here and, they need a place to stay.