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Back in June, when I was walking through Victory Park in Manchester, I met a homeless man named Bobby. He was an addict and he had numerous medical issues.

Everyone liked Bobby. He was no trouble to anyone. He was kind and he cared more about the people around him than he did for himself. Along towards the end of October, the cold rains came in and lasted nearly two weeks. Like so many others, Bobby had no place to go. He was sleeping in the park, cold, wet and hungry. We, at Shepherd’s Way did try to clothe and feed him and give him hope. We bought Bobby a tarp, thermal underwear and some thermal socks. We also gave him a winter jacket and a Bible. I gave him my cross necklace which he always took out when he saw me.

For about a week, I couldn’t find Bobby. I was worried about him and, I kept asking if anyone had seen him. No one seemed to know where he was. Then, on November 4th, I met a friend of his in the park. She was crying. She told me that Bobby was dead. She told me that several days before, she saw him and, he told her that he hadn’t eaten in three days and, that he just wanted it to end.

It did end for Bobby and, judging from the kind soul that he was, he is in a better place today.

Rest in Peace, my friend.

Merle Burke