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Dear Friends,

I want to tell you what happened to me on Tuesday morning, May 14, 2019 at Manchester’s Pulaski Park. I was looking for homeless people to hand out snack-packs to. It was raining and I was cold and, I was just about ready to get back into my car and go back home. Then, I saw a man at the end of the park sitting all by himself. Actually, he was the only person in the park because the weather was so miserable. I walked over to him and I recognized him from a week before when I was in the park handing out snacks. He was wet and shivering.

I will tell you about him and what he did to bring tears to my eyes. The man is brain-damaged (either from a traumatic brain injury or from chronic substance abuse) and, at times, he is incoherent. He could be schizophrenic. He is actually frightening to look at and scary because he gets these wild looks in his eyes. He has seizures constantly. I gave him a snack pack and he stammered and stuttered for about 15 seconds then, he thanked me. As, I walked away he said, “Can you come back and talk with me?” I said. “sure”. He said, “I remember you. What is your group all about?” I told him. He said, “I believe in God and, if you can come here and try to help me in the name of Jesus, I want you to have this. It’s all the have besides the clothes on my back. But, if you care enough about me to come here in the name of Jesus, I want you to have this. Carry it forward.” And, he gave me a dollar bill. I tried to give it back but, he wouldn’t take it.

If this isn’t enough to motivate each one of us to get to work to make Shepherd’s Way happen, I don’t know what will. We are doing God’s work here and we need to get it done.


Merle Burke, President
Shepherd’s Way